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Why join Art in Res?

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New York rent is expensive. Oil paint is expensive. New York art studios are small - and expensive. Basically, being a painter in NYC is freaking expensive. It’s not unusual for artists in New York to have two jobs: their “survival job” and their artistic career. In many cases, it’s the only way to make it work.

On top of that, most painters’ careers don’t take off until they’re in their 30s—or even later. (Lichtenstein was 38 when he painted his first pop cartoon painting. De Kooning was 46 when he painted Excavation.)

The economics for painters are pretty brutal, especially before you get gallery representation. But, if you’re like most painters, you probably have a bunch of paintings in your studio collecting dust. Wouldn’t it be nice to get them out into the world?

Enter Art in Res

Finding buyers for your work is a time-consuming chore and challenge. But there are lots of people out there interested in buying art beyond your family and friends. We designed Art in Res to connect them with you.

Once you create a profile (you can keep your personal information private), collectors who are curious about your work find you. Then, they can request to rent your unsold works.

If they fall in love with the painting while they have it rented from you, they can ask to buy it - and we don’t take a cut of the sale (seriously). If they don’t buy the painting, they give it back to you and you make money from the rental.

Either way, you make money from all those unsold paintings. And you get more art out into the world! It’s win-win.

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