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Why join Art in Res?

A wo/man of taste

Art matters to you. No, really, it does. You recognize the way it elevates space, gives character to the ordinary, and adds value to your life. The concept of starting your own personal art collection is and has always been in total alignment with your inner sophisticate's ideals. After all, you are a wo/man of taste.

Pay no attention to the seemingly perpetually blank walls of your apartment/home/office. Their nakedness is purely incidental, and that Audrey Hepburn poster from Bed Bath and Beyond? It was a gift. In college.

You are a sophisticated lover of art - and a functioning member of the real world. So why are your walls empty?

The gallery problem

"For all the splendours of the world's greatest galleries, visitors are likely to be kept at arm's length, spectators of a world that can seem too rarefied to let them in."
- Jim Crace

It's no secret that galleries are cold and uninviting, with sticker prices that shock. (Of course, you'll rarely see a price listed anywhere. In the gallery scene, the classic adage applies: "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.")

When gallerinas and gallerinos are unfriendly, it's not for its own sake: it's a tried-and-true business strategy for luxury goods (link). If you don't feel like you belong in a gallery, it's probably because you don't. Galleries are designed to court wealthy collectors that, more often than not, view art as an addition to their investment portfolio.

The Etsy problem

Buying art online presents an obvious problem: you can't see it in real life until after you have paid for the artwork. When we have ultra-high resolution, immersive virtual-reality experiences (fingers crossed!) maybe this problem will go away. But in the meantime, the Etsy's of the world leave much to be desired.

Unfortunately, computer screens and phone screens just don't do art justice: textures, colors, and lighting really matter. Even when dimensions are listed, it can be hard to visualize the artwork in your space.

And suppose you get past all that: What if you spend a ton of money on a painting and then you stop liking it after a few weeks? It happens, and it's terrifying.

Try before you buy

So we built Art in Res. And now we're excited to share it with you.

Art in Res is an online platform for connecting newbie-art collectors with artists in your city who are happy to let you "try before you buy".

Our site allows you to browse original works listed by artists based in NYC, and elect to rent OR buy the works you love directly from the artists. If a painting strikes your interest, you can request to rent it for a low monthly fee. The artist gets some money from the rental, and if you fall in love with your new painting, you can purchase it with one click and seal the deal. We never take cuts on works purchased from artists through the site. So you're helping the artists, too.

Art in Res takes all the stress and financial risk out of collecting art, and provides an additional layer of security to the collector. All artists on the site have been vetted.

We're here to make buying art accessible, personal, and fun. Meet great people, get rid of the guesswork, and start building your art collection, one great experience at a time.

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