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Try art before you buy it.

For $25/month, rent original artworks from local, NYC artists. If you love how a piece looks on your wall, buy it! (If not, it goes back to the artist, no questions asked.)

Original art from local artists.

Art in Res is 100% peer-to-peer. Rent and buy art directly from the artist's studio. All the work is original and ready to hang; in most cases, all you need is a nail in the wall.

We are super excited about our roster of artists - and we're excited for you to meet them!

Studio visits are an important part of Art in Res, and a special opportunity to spend some time with the artist and learn about their work and process. You don't have to stay for long if you don't want to, but we think studio visits are awesome - and we do a lot of them!
(FYI: some artists will bring the work directly to you, too!)

The best pricing terms for artists and collectors.

We don't take a cut on sales. It's all part of our mission to make art more accessible and affordable, and to help artists sell more work!