Rent incredible, original artworks from local artists.

(And only buy the pieces you absolutely love)

Find a great piece of art

Something that fits the season, dinner party theme, or your mood. Sort by price, size, and more.

Live with it for a while

See how it looks in your home. Find out what friends and family think. And maybe fall in love!

Commit, swap or return

When you reach a decision, you can buy it or return it for another artwork. You can always return.

Get art delivered right
to your door.

Every artwork on Art in Res is available for shipment directly to your door. And all artworks on Art in Res come ready to hang. In most cases, all you need is a nail.

Rental periods are
super flexible.

You can hang onto a piece of artwork for as long as you'd like, or return it at any time.

If you love your piece and can’t imagine life without it, you can pay off the piece gradually, or all at once, for no extra charge. 100% of your rental fees accrue toward purchase.

Returning is easy, click 'return' and we will send a shipping label your way.

We have an amazing collection that's growing all the time. Start exploring and find something you love.

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