Igor Sokol

Works between: $400 - $1,500

Born 1986
Lives and works in Ridgewood, New York


Born in 1986, in Rivne, Ukraine.
While in the midst of achieving his degree in Fine Arts & Graphic Design, Igor worked as professional Graphic Designer for several companies. However, reiterating the same patterns and color blocks was not satisfying his mission for creative exploration. Once he moved to New York City at 21 years old, he found this priority fulfilled by pursuing painting.
Now, based in Brooklyn, New York, artist actively experiments with different mediums and investigates 'other' methods of expressing himself.
- I create my work based on physical laws and my perception of them based on structure, form and color.
I use varied combinations of colors, interactions of light and shadows which help me build the depth of both composition and idea. In my opinion, these elements are always in conflict as they challenge our intelligence to interpret the “reality”. Because sensory perception is so largely diverse the reality is never singular. In fact, we live in a Super Reality. With my art I invite you to discover it.