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Art in Res is connecting emerging artists and emerging collectors.

A better experience buying art

Only buy the art that looks absolutely perfect in your space. See the art in your home or office before you commit to buying it. Lighting, colors, textures, and context matter - you won’t get that from a digital image or in a gallery.

Art is an experience good, like a haircut or a bottle of wine. We bet you’d preview your haircut or taste the wine before you committed to it, if you could. With original works of art, now you can.

Better economics for artists

Art in Res doesn’t take a cut on sales. Galleries and auction houses typically take fifty percent! If a collector doesn’t purchase your artwork, you still make $15 per month per rented artwork. If you elect to deliver your artworks (you set your fee), Art in Res doesn’t take a cut there, either.

Empowering artists

Better economics is one half of the equation; more autonomy is the other. Deliver your artworks only if you want to, and for whatever fee you choose. If you want to exclusively deliver, fine. Too busy for that? You can designate all your artworks for pickup and dropoff only, too.

Empowering art buyers

Our peer-to-peer platform does more than strip out expensive shipping costs, it’s an opportunity to meet the artist behind the work - or the collector who loves your style.

$25 a month to hang original art in your home. Every artwork listed at $1,000 dollars or less.

It’s not magic, it’s logic: when we designed our model, we stripped out costs everywhere we could and passed that value onto our collectors and artists.

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