Our core mission
has four principles.


Empower artists

We are big believers in artist autonomy. Whenever and wherever possible, we give our artists control over how they use Art in Res.


Make art more accessible and less intimidating

Try art in your home before you buy it. And never have to ask How is it going to look in my space? or What if I don't like it after a week? ever again. Buying art shouldn't be intimidating.


Get art out of storage and into the world

Art should be out in the world. It should be seen, appreciated, and given a proper home - not in storage collecting dust. A typical artist's studio is home to many works that rarely, and maybe never, see the light of day. We think that should change!


Create meaningful connections

A work of art is a special thing, like a window to the artist's soul. When you meet the artist, you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for their creations. An artist might tell you a story, or point out a detail, that totally changes your relationship to a piece. And, you never know, you might even make a new friend!