We are an intimate community of art-makers and art-lovers.


Part of the Art in Res experience is getting out of your home—whether it's to drop off a piece with a collector or to swing by a studio for an intimate studio visit. Our community members need to be able to trust each other—so we rely on a process of scrutiny and hand-picking to keep our standards high and our members safe.

For that reason, Art in Res is invite-only.

If you haven't received an invitation but you think you'd complement our community well, you can submit an application to request an invitation. We do not guarantee acceptance (we have to turn most people down) but we promise that a real person will review your application.

Price for Collectors

$ 25

per month
  • $15 of which accrues towards a purchase (on a per-rental basis)
  • For deliveries (optional), fees are artist-specific.
  • $1000 maximum price for any listed artwork.

Payout to Artists

$ 15

per month per rented artwork
  • You receive 100% of your listed artwork price on all sales. You set your price (current maximum $1000).
  • You receive 100% of your delivery fee on all deliveries and pickups. You set your price.