We are an intimate community of art-makers and art-lovers.


Part of the Art in Res experience is getting out of your home—whether it's to drop off a piece with a collector or to swing by a studio for an intimate studio visit. Our community members need to be able to trust each other—so we rely on a process of scrutiny and hand-picking to keep our standards high and our members safe.

For that reason, we use an invite-system, identity verification, interviews, user reviews, and other methods to vet new users and keep our community strong.

Price for Collectors

5.6 %

of artwork list price per month
  • 100% accrues towards purchase.
  • For deliveries (optional), fees are artist-specific.
  • $10,000 maximum price for any listed artwork.

Payout to Artists

2.8 %

of artwork list price per month
  • You set your artwork price (current maximum $10,000).
  • You set your delivery price (if you deliver).
  • Art in Res takes a small commission on sales.