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How it Works

1: Browse, Save, Select

Sort and filter by size, distance, and price - or just scroll until you see something you like!

Save your favorites to your wishlist. And feel free to tell us which pieces you don’t like, too! Our algorithm will learn your taste.

Select your favorite artwork (or the artwork that fits the season, dinner party theme, etc) and request it from the artist with just a click!

2: Arrange Pickup or Delivery and Meet the Artist

Great! You messaged the artist and they are excited to share their work with you! Use our interactive messenger to hammer out the details, like rental length and pickup (or delivery) date/time.

Mark your calendar - but don’t worry if you forget, we’ll send you reminders via text or email (your choice) in the days leading up to the handoff.

Adventurers and budget-conscious: pickup is the way to go. Visit the artist in their home or studio, maybe enjoy a chat, pack up your new piece, and get excited to see it in your space!

Busy folks and budget-flexible: delivery might be a better fit for you! For a fee (determined by the artist), the artist will pack up the art for you and deliver right to your door - pretty simple!

3: Install and Enjoy Your New Piece!

All works on Art in Res are ready to hang; all you need is a nail!

Elevate your space with your new, original artwork until it’s time to return it to the artist. Want to keep it even longer? It’s as easy as requesting a rental extension in the messenger.

Not really feeling it? Artwork not working in your space? It happens, and on literally any other platform that would be a real problem - but not on Art in Res! At the end of your rental period, return it to the artist - no questions asked.

Really love it? Can’t imagine life without it? Awesome! Buying is just a click away - and 100% of the sale goes directly to the artist!

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