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Laniakea II

16.5" x 14" x 1"     Visualize Scale
Solar etching with 23k gold flakes on green paper
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This artwork was created with sunlight and water: etchings used to be made using caustic materials, including acid to bite information into a metal plate. The plate for Laniakea was created with a photosensitive surface. I made a drawing on acetate, and then exposed the plate using sunlight. With a short lapse of time, the plate was then washed, and hardened in the sun. Using the printmaking press, each piece in the edition is hand-pulled. It is unique in that the 23k gold flakes are added after the print goes through the press, creating a unique pattern.
Laniakea is the name astronomers have given our galactic neighborhood. The Milky Way is a small point on an outer part of this mapped area. A Hawaiian word, it means, immeasurable heavens. A poetic notion for our galactic place in the universe. The rose has long been a symbol for the unfolding of the Universe, and in this image it sits in the background suggesting expansion and blossoming. The image is 4" daimeter. Unframed, the paper is sized at 14"x12"wide.

About the artist
Karen F.

Karen is a visual artist living and working in NYC. She was raised on a dairy farm in the mid-West and it is this early and close association with the natural world that threads through her work. She is focused on the energy that suff...