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19.8" x 17.3" x 1"     Visualize Scale
Oil with aluminum gilding on patterned, prepared paper
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The artwork is 15.5"x13" unframed. The image is 7.5" diameter.
I work with paint that is very thin - it is runny. I use it in this state because I cannot control the settling and unruly qualities of the paint. Sometimes I begin a painting with no idea. I play for a while, and then something will assert its presence. I pay attention, and work with the whatever-it-is to bring it into visibility. I had not thought about comets for quite some time, but in the 1970's a famous comet visited the Western hemisphere and I remember taking time to go out in the evening to see it. They are visitors that have their own rarities.

About the artist
Karen F.

Karen is a visual artist living and working in NYC. She was raised on a dairy farm in the mid-West and it is this early and close association with the natural world that threads through her work. She is focused on the energy that suff...