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Penitent Magdalene

12" x 12" x 2"     Visualize Scale
Oil on wood panel
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Penitent Magdalene is my modern version of the popular religious renaissance and baroque subject. The model is gazing outside an unseen window with an apathetic stare. Background and subject are minimally styled to emphasize the atmosphere. This could be anyone in any setting. I want to invoke questions from the viewer so that they may find their own answers, such as, who is this woman? What is she staring at? What is she thinking about repenting? The composition is based on the Golden section that repeats itself within the size of the perfect square substrate.

About the artist
Renee C.

Renée has lived between the United States and Paris, France studying fine art and art history. She graduated from the American University of Paris with a BA in Art History, and has her MFA from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She n...