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In its fine mist, Camperdown arches high.

24" x 24" x 2"     Visualize Scale
Oil on wood panel
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This painting is part of an ongoing series on public land in the city, Like a walk in the Park. Located in Prospect Park the Camperdown Elm is a special tree that evokes memories and confounds with its unusual appearance. Though not part of Olmstead and Vaux's original plan, it was planted in 1872 and almost lost, if not for Marianne Moore's poem which drew attention to the tree and it's neglected state in the 1960s. It stands proud today with a little gate and plaque, sentinel to the Cleft Ridge Span.

About the artist
Andrea C.

Andrea Caldarise is a painter and collaborator inspired by happenstance conversations and memories. Caldarise's art explore the psychological connection between places and people. Caldarise studied painting and art history at Tyler Schoo...