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Chinatown Market

12" x 16" x 1"     Visualize Scale
Oil on canvas
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If you have been to Chinatown in Manhattan, you might recognize those orange plastic bags that everyone uses. Those spots of orange created pops of color and movement in contrast to the subdued wares shaded under the crooked awning. That awning, too, created a fun compositional element to divide the canvas into two - the top being somewhat monotonous and repetitive, the bottom a bit chaotic. I also liked how there managed to be large trees in the background. Quite unexpected!

About the artist
Ella Y.

Ella Yang, a first-generation Korean-American and native New Yorker, is a mostly self-taught painter based in Brooklyn, New York. She takes great pleasure in traditional methods of oil painting, especially working "en plein air," i.e. on...