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Who are we? How did we get here?

This all started at a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was there that we met J.R. He was bartending, but somehow the conversation turned to artistic pursuits. My wife — when she is not working at her "survival job" — is a musician and actress. I dabble in music (but I'm not very good). And, as we learned, J.R. is a painter.

Before long, J.R. was showing us some of his artwork on his phone. I was really impressed.

Are your any of your works for sale? I asked.

Sure, J.R. responded.

I did not notice my wife wringing her hands. We don't have the money to buy paintings, she later asserted. We don't have $2000 lying around to just spend on a painting. I assured her that I wouldn't spend $2000 on a painting — but truthfully, I had no idea what one of J.R.'s paintings would cost. All I knew was that I thought his artwork was awesome and that I was going to his studio next weekend.

J.R.'s studio in Bushwick — also his home — was an experience. We drank wine. We played with J.R.'s adorable pitbulls and ferrets. We perused his paintings — I couldn't believe how many there were — and midway through, we met J.R.'s wife. And we didn't spend $2000. But when all was said and done, we were all happy.

J.R. made a sale and we had three amazing new paintings. But we also had an awesome memory and new friends. I reflect on this memory often, but especially when I look at the painting I love the most: a boxer, which hangs on the wall of my office.

Like so many good things, there was plenty of luck and spontaneity involved. But it didn't have to be that way.

As you browse around our website, you'll learn about all the things that Art in Res is — and it really is all those things. It's a way to try art before you buy it, or to have a "rotating" art piece in your space. It's an artists-first platform: more art, less "survival job." It's a way to dip your toe into the wild, fascinating world of art and art collecting.

But before it was any of that, it was a platform for connections. Artists meeting collectors who love their work. Collectors meeting artists whose work they love. Memories that make the art even more meaningful.

We hope you enjoy using Art in Res.

John Sillings
Founder & CEO